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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my health insurance cover a breast pump?

A: As of the first of 2013, many insurance plans began covering the purchase of a breast pump for expectant or lactating mothers under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, when it comes to insurance and eligibility, a member's benefits are very much based upon her individual insurance company and her specific plan. Plans vary in a number of different ways including: 

If you're unsure about your specific plan benefits, you have a right to know! Complete our breast pump insurance form and Lehan's will contact your insurance provider for you and inform you of your coverage.

Q: Do I need a prescription for a breast pump?

A: If your insurance covers a breast pump, then we will need a signed prescription by an authorized prescriber for an electric breast pump which includes a diagnosis (ex. V24.1 postpartum care and examination of lactating mother). You can send it to our secure fax at 866-509-3169 or scan and email it to us at .


Q: When will my breast pump arrive?

A: Depending on your insurance company, you may be eligible to receive a breast pump before your baby is born under your preventative care clause and up to a year after delivery. Typically, Lehan's is able to dispense your breast pump between 30-60 before your due date. Once you complete the Breast Pump Insurance form, we will contact insurance for you to find out the exact details of your coverage. We can only ship a breast pump out to you once all insurance information has been verified, your prescription is received, and any shipping fees or upgrade costs have been paid. We work very hard to verify your information and get your breast pump shipped out as soon as possible; you will be notified if there are any known delays to your order. Please see our Shipping Policy for more specifics. 

Q: What is the cost for upgrade pumps?

A: Lehan's offers upgrade options for Medela, Hygeia, and Ameda breast pumps. Breast pump coverage depends on your particular insurance and plan; there is no one-cost-fits all regarding insurance-grade breast pumps or upgrade pumps. Once you complete our Breast Pump Insurance Form, we will notify you of all upgrade options and associated costs. Lehan's does accept HSA and FSA spending accounts as payment for upgrade pump charges. In addition, you can apply for a gift card or put your upgrade costs on your Baby Registry for friends and family to purchase on your behalf.


Q: Are the breast pumps returnable?

A: As stated in our return policy, Lehan's does not accept returns on breast pumps or breast pump supplies.  If your pump is malfunctioning, we encourage you to call the manufacturer directly as they usually have an easy fix. We maintain a list of telephone numbers and hours for Ameda, Hygeia, and Medela for your convenience. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us to ask questions.


Q: My breast pump is not working properly. What do I do?

A: If you believe that your breast pump has malfunctioned or is not working as it should, do not worry. There is usually an easy fix. Customer service representatives are available at Ameda, Hygeia, and Medela five or six days each week to answer any breast pump-related questions or concerns. There is usually a quick solution, but if not, the manufacturer may be able to send you a replacement pump if your pump is still under warranty. Please have the pump’s serial number and model number available and then contact the manufacturer directly:


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST 

Monday-Friday 9:30am-6:30pm CST 

Monday-Friday 7:30am-7pm CST 
Saturday 8am-11am CST


Q: Where can I find more information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? 

A: Here is a list of resources that can provide more information about the Affordable Care Act and provisions regarding breast pumps: About the Affordable Care Act Law What are my breastfeeding benefits?
Medela ACA Resources
Ameda ACA Resources
Hygeia ACA Resources